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Although the Living South River Labs at Grand Caverns are a rich addition for any grade level, these labs and exhibits are targeted to 6th graders on their MWEE, and designed to be part of an 8 station karst/groundwater action phase. The day at Grand Caverns includes the Living Cave exhibit, a Grand Caverns tour, Living South River labs, and stations in the park for Alternative Energy, Hydrology, Water Chemistry, and Soils. These speak to 6th grade Science Standards of Learning 6.1 (a,c,d,h,i), 6.2 (d,e), 6.5 (c,f,g), 6.7 (a,c,g), 6.9 (a,c). We want to engage every student in big, "sticky," authentic, memorable investigations of the water that has shaped geology, ecology, and us - and we want them to sample some of the ways in which we can shape a better future for the water! The South River is a TMDL for mercury contamination, and we will help to frame some of the research that is currently ongoing, as well as potential solutions.

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Definition:What is a Meaningful Watershed Experience?

Getting Started:

Student Journal - Directions: These are the pages for the journal that your 6th graders will need to bring with them on their visit to Grand Caverns. On your school copier, please print them back to back (full to full, half to half), collate, staple, and bring with you for your big day.

The Stations:

Additional Materials:


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